Azuma Bukuro – Quite a mouthful!
A  clever and simple traditional Japanese style bag. Also called a wrap bag or triangle bag. [I believe Azuma means East and Bukuro means bag or wrapping]

It’s made from a rectangle of fabric that’s cleverly folded and stitched.
I made myself a couple from vintage sari fabric.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I have some beautiful vintage Japanese saris too and I am making them up into bags for the Freshly Found online store.  The pretty print of the patterned border creates interesting lines when made up into the bag.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen the handle is untied, the bag can be neatly folded up for storage.


Contact us to see which options are available in the Boutique Limited Edition section of the Freshly Found Store.

If you would like to make one yourself, there are a number of tutorials online.  Burda have a well illustrated tutorial for making this  “Triangle Bag” and Mifuku have a photo-illustrated Spanish and Japanese Tutorial too.