Gentian for gentlemen at an upcoming function. 

Loved making this order up in this beautiful colour 🙂
 Did you know? Interesting Gentian info from the Gentian Research Network a free, not-for-profit, web-based forum for worldwide research on the natural history and evolution of the flowering plant family Gentianaceae (gentians).
  • Gentian violet is a water soluble dye used primarily in medicine to stain bacteria, but also in other histological procedures.  It is not derived from gentians, but got its name since it is pink-violet like some gentians in the genera of Centaurium, Gentiana, and Gentianella.
  • The gentian family contains 87 genera and over 1600 species in the newest classification. It is closely related to other plant families that include coffee, periwinkle, milkweed, madder, and dogbanes
  • Gentians have been used by humans since ancient times as herbal remedies, and taste very bitter. 
  •  Their flowers are often colorful (blue, pink, red, yellow), and the true blue gentians (Gentiana) are often grown in rock gardens.