Create a Playing Card House

You need 21 playing cards to make a cute card house.  Its a great way to use up a pack with a missing or damaged card, You will be able to make 2 houses from 1 pack of cards. The whole process requires no cutting and no glue.  All you need is the cards, and a scoring...


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Pretty Keychains – Crafted and Recrafted

Keychain - What to do with a once beautiful piece of embroidery work, that has seen better days.  These keychains help to solve that dilemma. I've managed to source a few pieces of vintage linen that were damaged or less than perfect.  I've been re-working...


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Tapestry Cushions (Pillows) – Found and Featured

I am always on the lookout for treasures.  When I find someone's beautiful handiwork, that has been forgotten or has never had a chance to shine, I am so delighted to give it a moment! Tapestry Cushion Covers These gorgeous tapestries had never been framed when I came...