A Light Fitting From Suspended Fondue Forks

I am always on the lookout for interesting material that is no longer needed.  I've wanted to do something with fondue forks for a long time. Ever since I started noticing bulging mounds of them for sale at our local SPCA charity store. I experimented with...


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Puzzle Piece ‘Pottery’ Light Pendants

I grew up in a home with my mom being passionate about puzzles. I have memories of her dining room table being filled bit-by-bit with the evolving image of a landscape, country-side scene or a map. They've kept her company, even now in the late years of her life. I've...


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Create a Playing Card House

You need 21 playing cards to make a cute card house.  Its a great way to use up a pack with a missing or damaged card, You will be able to make 2 houses from 1 pack of cards. The whole process requires no cutting and no glue.  All you need is the cards, and a scoring...