Keychain – What to do with a once beautiful piece of embroidery work, that has seen better days.  These keychains help to solve that dilemma.

I’ve managed to source a few pieces of vintage linen that were damaged or less than perfect.  I’ve been re-working the still-lovely parts into pieces of jewellery.

These keychains are part of the range.  Hand stitched and finished with delicate twisted cotton cord.

They come with a clip and can be added to your keyring or used to decorate handbags or luggage.

Not only is each keychain made from recycled linen, but the stiffening for each one is made from recycled x-rays.  So they are repurposed inside and out!

I love to consider the hours of work put into creating the lovely stitched fabric and feel delighted to give some of it a second chance again.

A batch of keychains are for sale right now at The KZNSA Gallery Shop in Durban – It’s a haven of local design and handcrafted goodies and well worth a visit.