Our Specialities

We love to work with paper.  And if it’s recycled papers – that’s even better.  

Beautiful plains, book print and naturals.  We can cut, paste, fold and shape it for you.

Paper Proteas

Our Hallmark Indigenous Paper Flower

Paper Roses

A Classic for Decor and Events


Paper Flowers

Lilies, Daisies, Strelitzias, Poppies …

Paper Products

Paper Decor, Gifts and Favours

Weddings and Events


Installations & Shop Windows


Crafted Designs

We love to design it, create it, and sometimes share the process too.




Etsy Party - Photo by Brightgirl

Textile Craft

Thread Craft


Etsy Party - Photo by Brightgirl



Etsy Party - Photo by Brightgirl



 Paper Flowers

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Bespoke Orders

Pink Painted Paper Boutonnieres

We were delighted to create these delicate wedding party accessories  for a recent order - Pink Painted Paper Boutonnieres or Buttonholes.  They were the finishing touch of a much bigger order for a client who wanted painted pink paper proteas for her special day.  We...

Freshly Found received a commision to create a fleet (?) of heart-shaped paper hot-air balloons for a jewellery store client.  Because Valentine's day is imminent, we got to work tight away and completed the order in time for the build-up to the special day.  I...

Christmas Puzzle Wreaths from Recycled Papers

This set of Christmas Puzzle Wreaths were a delight to create from recycled materials.  Can you tell just what I used?  The puzzle pieces used for the round wreathes are obvious.  The book paper, used for the bow decor, was washed in paint - to mask the print and add...