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Book Art Trophy

Creative Living

I love to explore the Creative Process.  Not only can it be so therapeutic for the artist or  the creator, but it has an impact on those who view the creation too. It can inspire, comfort and bring hope.  

The fact that our creativity is but a small representation of God’s creativity and creation expands the concept exponentially. 
“For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible.” (NIV Collosians 1:16) 

Let’s see where this exciting journey takes us!


Freshly Found Blog – Creative Living

A  handyjournal of my creative endeavours, and my thoughts on the creative process. 

Special Projects

We’ve been involved in many installations for stage, shop window, entrance lobby, church etc.

Lampshades from recycled posters, paper decor for stages, giant blooms for shop windows and folded book art for windows too.

We’ve helped tie dye tablecloths and created feather jackets!  One of the projects I am most proud of ids the coffee table we made from 100% recycled wood – wooden spoons, cricket stumps and a window frame.  It has pride of place in my Living Room!  Another favourite is the Springbok Trophy made from a vintage book!.

Book Art Trophy
Paper Pulp Jewellery Egg Box Earrings


Some of the fun hings I have made.  You may like to try them out too.  A wide variety of projects, many making use of materials that are recycled or on hand.  

The bedside table made from books and vinyl records made a quirky addition to our guest room.  Using bleach to reverse-print on a coloured T-shirt, as well as tie-bleaching another was surprisingly satisfying.  

The all-time top hit on the website still is the safety-pin earrings, and I regularly wear the earrings I made myself out of egg boxes too!


Paper Designs

A passion for paper, especially recycled papers has worked itself out in numerous projects.  

Origami Crane
Pink Paper Proteas

Paper Flowers

Although they are also made from paper, they deserve a section all on their own.  Our paper proteas, created from recycled papers are what helped us crack the nod at the Design Indaba expo in Cape Town. We created gorgeous roses too, and made paper flowers for many different functions, shipping them all over the world. 

Hand Printing

I have a passion for handprinting on fabrics.  I started out with using found objects to print with, and have experimented with  linocut printing too.  But my main passion is screen-printing and stencil-printing.  I work together with my daughter Christy Angelozzi over at Edenwell on a bunch of exciting projects.

Edenwell Prints