Bibliogami is the art of making useful or beautiful objects from books.  In this project Candle Holders are made from roll-folded books.  The Book Fold Candle tea light holders have the imposing appearance of decorative pillar candles.  A few can be created from 1 recycled book.  The result is a low cost, high satisfaction, really quick project. The ‘candles’ look great as a table centre piece or as a decorative element in your home
book print candle

Book Fold Candle Holder – DIY

The video tutorial shows the step-by-step process of creating the ‘candles’.  The project makes use of the inherent assets of the recycled book.  A reasonably priced source of good quality paper, and a spine which holds the pages together. (Source your books from a local charity.  They often have books that do not sell well, and are destined to be pulped) You will see how to use a craft knife to cut out a space in the book to house a small glass holder, into which you can place a tea light candle. You will see how to gently roll fold the pages to create the soft rounded lines.


This video tutorial shows an option for creating ‘candles’ with a vibrant pattern or gentle colour.  This is done by adding a layer of thin tissue paper to some of the page surfaces and it makes a lively alternative to the traditional book print.
Hints: A cutout is made to house a small glass candle holder.  You may make the cutout smaller and use a battery operated tea light. I elevated the tea light slightly in the glass candle holder to make the flame more visible.  Leaving it at the bottom of the glass container means that the flame creates a beautiful filtered light through the folded pages.  
book print candle
Safety Precautions– Paper is highly flammable.  Never let this candle holder out of your sight while the candle is burning.  Keep away from draughts, pets and small children. ENJOY!!! For more Papercraft Inspiration visit the Freshly Found YouTube Channel