The continual quest to see what paper can do for us is a delight to me.  These dangle Egg Box Earrings have been so much fun to create.  The designs are very simple triangular or teardrop shapes, and the plain colours are bold and striking.  They are lightweight, reasonably robust and so comfortable to wear.  Acrylic paint is used to colour the pulp board shapes. A water-based wood sealer layer is added to protect the accessories.  Finally turnings in the form of 2 jumprings and an earring wire per earring are added.

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I’ve been wearing my batch of ‘freshly hatched’ earrings frequently.  So far they are still looking good.  I would try not to get them wet at all, unless I had applied a number of layers of sealer.   They have survived daily life well,  even the occasional mask wearing session and deciding if the earrings go inside or outside the elastic straps.

Egg Box Earrings

FREE Pattern Download

Do you remember these paper earrings we made a few years ago?   They were created from a hardcover book spine, and included some of the bright gold printing.

HINT – Although paper products do have a temporary quality to them, I am usually pleasantly surprised at just how long they do last.

Egg Box Earrings






Egg box earrings