Christmas Time with bonded paper and fabric squares folded into mini Fabric Christmas Trees.

The delicate bright green floral sari prints are all the decorating these simple trees need.
They may be folded from a square of normal paper or light cardboard, but
here they are made from a fine layer of cotton fabric bonded onto good quality book print paper (those annual share report books have their uses!!)
I love the way the typography gently emerges  through the botanical pattern.

How to fold the mini Fabric Christmas Trees:

Fabric Christmas Trees
Fold a preliminary base. Squash fold each flap.
Crease fold each point up
Fabric Christmas Trees
Reverse fold the points and tuck under. Once again, squash fold each flap.
Crease fold each flap up. Reverse fold and tuck under.
Join each inside point with a thread. Pull in and tie to secure the tree shape.

If you would like to try the fabric option, here’s how it’s done using fusible applique paper

Cut a squares of book paper . Cut a square of fusible bonding paper, iron it onto the fabric and cut the square out.
Fabric Christmas Trees