We have been working on an exciting collaborative project.  Festive Print Decorations.  Christy Angelozzi together with Denise Kiggan from Freshly Found have created a Christmas Collection.

Christy’s clean and refreshingl design style combined with Denise’s passion for printing have resulted in a unique range with a great deal of authenticity.

The designs are original, the fabric is 100% cotton and the process is completley hand-created.

These original ornaments are for sale at Talloula and will be on sale at Overdale Nursery from the end of November..  We are so grateful to these 2 business on our doorstep here in KZN who show so much support to local handcrafters!

Festive Christmas Ornaments
Print Decorations

Festive Print Decorations – The Process

Our journey began with some excited brainstorming about how we could work collaboratively! Firstly, we made up a number of prototypes.  Then Christy created the designs.  Denise used paper to create the stencils.  Because paper makes a temporary stencil, it is good for 1 print batch only.  But paper is a dream to cut with craft knife.  As a result it is easier to facilitate the intricate pattern sections.  We used 100% cotton and locally made fabric inks.  Although we printed most of the decorations in black onto cream cotton, we also added some red variations too. See our video below for some of the process.  

When the ink was dry,  we backed each motif with patterned cotton handprint and stitched them together.  Next we gently stuffed each item and added a gold thread butcher’s twine loop.  Finally the decorative pinked edging was sealed with a PVA solution to limit fraying.  

Festive Print Decorations

We created 6 designs in total.  A star, heart, wreath, house and 2 bird options.  We will tell you more in coming posts

Have a look at the related Christmas House Cushions that Freshly Found created here.

Some are still available for sale.  

All the best for your exciting Christmas Prep!  

Festive Print Decorations