A Hanky Face Mask!  As I write, the jury still seems to be out as to whether or not home-made masks are good to wear in this Covid-19 outbreak.  I decided to make some to be on the safe side.  The ardent recycler in me could not let this opportunity go by without re-using something!  My stash of beautiful hankies ame to mind!  Many of them were gifted to me a while ago by friends who know how I love to re-create!

DIY – How I created my own Hanky Face Mask

I’ve captured a video of how I made the masks.  Please bear in mind that I dont pretend to be an expert.  Hopefully this will provide some inspiration for your own project.  NOTE – You may like to add an extra layer of filtering fabric right in the beginning of process, for added protection.

Freshly Found has an overriding ethos of recycling.  You may want to have a look at other moments where we gave some pretty vintage linens a fresh new life.  We’ve created Bunting from linen napkins (serviettes), Pillow Covers from vintage embroidered table cloths and Brooches from damaged vintage linen pieces.

NOTE – First prize is always to try not to damage the original piece.  The good news is that the hankies in this project are not cut, so could theoretically be unpicked and restored again to their original form.

Stay safe. Keep well.