Interpret Durban 4 or ID4 was big news here this last weekend.  Over the past few weeks, artitists have been working on photogaphy, video and T-shirt design submissions.   It was big news for me personally, as I submitted a work for the art exhibition and was chuffed to be awarded 3rd prize in the Open Art section.

The theme was Durban – Concrete Circus and the artwork had to be executed on one side of a cardboard box!

Moses Mabhida Stadium Art

I chose to work in one of my favourite mediums – book paper, and created a collage. [my rationale at the end of the article].  There were many amazing entries.

The event took place in the beautiful Durban Cityhall

Well done to the guys at Streetscene for hosting this significant event!

If you are up to it, here is the explanation of the work I submitted:

Marquee Maximus – The Moses Mabhida Stadium
The alliteration of the letter M in the title is a reference to the letter M in the name of the stadium it represents.
Marquee is another word for circus tent. 
Maximus is a reference to
    • ·         the large size of the stadium,
  • ·         the size and the heart of the city and
  • ·         the first Circus in the city of Rome,  known as Circus Maximus
The shape of the significant and iconic concrete Moses Mabhida stadium was used to represent Durban and create a giant circus tent.
This artwork was made from recycled and found papers.  Representing the history of Durban – not jaded and old, but re-invented and fresh.
The techniques used were – Cut paper work, chalk pastel colouring, string art, line drawing, stencilling.
The bunting along the top has hand written words overlaid, blending in to the print.  Words that may be heard in the hub bub of life in the Concrete Circus of Durban.

The suspended shapes signify some of the facets of performance life in Durban.  The shapes are circular representing a Juggler’s balls and they are suspended from string ‘swings’ representing circus acrobats.   

(Strelitzia leaf – tropical climate; Sun – weather and hot spicy Indian culture; Soccer Ball; Bicycle Wheel – Cycling culture; Beach Ball; Ship’s wheel – Maritime; Shield – Zulu Culture)
Stencilled footprints of lion and elephant represent animals that used to roam Durban and, sadly, are often found in circuses
The repetition of shapes and lines throughout the piece signifies the comforting rhythm of the city life.  A rhythm that draws you to join in.
The blue, natural and green layers on the bottom represent the sea, the sand and the sub-tropical vegetation that form a foundation for life in Durbs.
Moses Mabhida Stadium Art!