Our Specialities

We love to work with paper.  And if it’s recycled papers – that’s even better.  

Beautiful plains, book print and naturals.  We can cut, paste, fold and shape it for you.

Paper Proteas

Our Hallmark Indigenous Paper Flower

Paper Roses

A Classic for Decor and Events


Paper Flowers

Lilies, Daisies, Strelitzias, Poppies …

Paper Products

Paper Decor, Gifts and Favours

Weddings and Events


Installations & Shop Windows


Crafted Designs

We love to design it, create it, and sometimes share the process too.




Etsy Party - Photo by Brightgirl

Textile Craft

Thread Craft


Etsy Party - Photo by Brightgirl



Etsy Party - Photo by Brightgirl



 Paper Flowers

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Bespoke Orders

Freshly Found received a commision to create a fleet (?) of heart-shaped paper hot-air balloons for a jewellery store client.  Because Valentine's day is imminent, we got to work tight away and completed the order in time for the build-up to the special day.  I...

Christmas Puzzle Wreaths from Recycled Papers

This set of Christmas Puzzle Wreaths were a delight to create from recycled materials.  Can you tell just what I used?  The puzzle pieces used for the round wreathes are obvious.  The book paper, used for the bow decor, was washed in paint - to mask the print and add...

Puzzle Craft Pots for Woza Moya Exhibition

We're passionate about creating beautiful items from recyled papers.  Consequently, puzzle pieces, sourced from local charity stores, fall into that 'paper' category.  As a result, it was so satisfying to fashion Freshly Found Puzzle Craft Pots How did we make...