Two different pairs of Paper earrings.  Both created from paper.  Both cut in the same heart shapes, and assembled in the same way.

I created the first pair of red heart shaped earrings from a book.  I recycle many books in various forms, and am struck by the beauty of some of the hard covers.  The spine of the book is usually a bit thinner and easier to cut with scissors or a craft knife.

To begin with,  I cut out a total of 6 heart shapes for the pair of earrings.  The glitzy gold came from the title print.  The middle brown heart, shows the underside of the spine.  The bright red came from a print-free section of the spine.  I made a heart shape template, which I traced on the underside of the paper, and then cut it out by hand with scissors.

Finally I assembled the hearts, and glued them together with PVA glue.  I used a small hole punch to make a space for the earring findings to be inserted.

Book Spine Paper Earrings

I created the second pair in much the same way.  Although this time I used packaging material from Kiri Cheese Wedges.

The delicate blue and white floral pattern contrasts beautifully with the underside brown ridges of the  cardboard.  

All-in-all – a fun and satisfying way to celebrate sustainability and love too!

Book Spine Paper Earring

Beyond Book Spine Paper Earrings

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