A quick tutorial to fold Origami Shirts  – suitable for Father’s Day or Birthday greeting or just for fun!.  This pattern is based on the well-known Origami Money Shirt.  Do you remember?  We made a whole set of them a while ago from Monopoly Money.  However, this version is made from plain printer paper, with some  shirt details and fold guide-lines added.

Origami Shirts

How to Make Origami Shirts

Are you Ready?  Let’s Go!  Firstly, click on the link to the right, and print the template onto a sheet of paper. Trim  around the edges (along the cut-line.) 

Secondly, fold the paper.  Follow the fold lines on the printout.  The diagrams below are a helpful step-by-step guide.   

Note – The mountain folds are indicated with light coloured dotted lines, and the valley folds are darker.

Finally your origami shirt is ready!  Now you have a few options: 

1.  Write a message on the back (or front) of the shirt.   

2.  Use the origami shirt as a gift voucher holder – Cleverly insert  a gift card or voucher between the folds of the shirt (see below).    

3.  Make a whole lot more and use them as table or room decorations.   Try stringing them together to make masculine bunting. 

Great for Father’s day, men’s birthdays, congratulations or invitations. 

Hint – Print the shirt out on coloured or patterned paper for interesting options.  Just as long as it will go through your printer.  Try lined and graph paper for interesting shirt print pattern options!

Origami Shirts To Order –

Contact us to chat about making up a batch for you. We can custom design your shirt with your logo and colour choice 

Origami Shirts

Variation – Origami Shirt from Monopoly Money  

These are a bright fun Monopoly Money version of the Origami Shirts!  No need to print anything out.  Just follow the folding instructions above with each Monopoly cash note and  create a team of rainbow tops!

Origami Shirt Monopoly Money
Origami Shirt Monopoly Money