Here’s a quick project to put together, using spare vinyl records and some vintage vases.  This cake stand is made from stuff you probably already have at home.

It can add a touch of whimsy to your table setting.  Use it to serve delicate cakes or biscuits.
You will need 3 vinyl records in different sizes 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM was 78 RPM.
Use each record to trace a circle out of coloured paper or thin board.
Cut the circles out.  Fold them into sixths or eighths and draw and cut a simple decorative edge.
In a similar way, fold 3 paper serviettes into sections.  Because the serviette is thinner, you can cut a slightly more intricate pattern. I used the pattern on a vintage record cover for simple inspiration.  Place the serviette doilies on top of the coloured circles on top of the records, and begin to stack them with vintage vases in between.  You may like to press the coloured circles flat with an iron.
You may also like to weight the vases with bags of sugar or rice to provide greater stability.
Vinyl Record Craft Now – just add cake!  The record surface is mostly covered with paper which makes it more hygienic.  When it’s no longer needed, the cake stand can be disassembled and packed away! Remember there are Freshly Found Vinyl Record products made by locally for sale on line and at the i♥market and the i love pop up shop at the Galleria for the month of September.
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