This latest batch of African Proteas featuring multi-coloured paper petal rounds, highlighted with white stems and white centres.  They are also sporting a few petal rounds of our new Freshly Found Protea Print.
African Proteas
I decided to photograph this batch with some of the beloved tools that I use to create these blooms. Let me introduce you to them:
  • Leather hole punch – much stronger that a conventional paper hole punch – Has been making holes for me for years and years.
  • Green plastic knife. – It curls the petals just right – not too much and not too little! A valuable member of the team.
  • Mini stapler – (Sometimes replaced by his close cousin, the long-arm-stapler)
  • Pen – one of many I use to trace around the cardboard petal pattern pieces
  • Scissors – I need good quality ones to cut the paper well.  Very protective of the few pairs I have that can do the job well.
  • Pliers – Helpful with securing the wire flower stems.
  • Masking Tape – I love this stuff.  Sticky, but not too sticky.   Wood glue bonds it and paper together well.  A vital role in making these African Proteas and most of the other paper flowers we make.
  • Bits and Pieces Bucket – a gift from my daughter.  So useful for prettily collecting paper offcuts.
African Proteas
Chat to us about making up bespoke paper flowers for you.  We made these Africa Proteas as a bespoke order, and we are able to pack and send them all over the world.  Read posts about the many protea variations we’ve made in the past.
African Proteas
African Proteas