Gentle bright and warm apple colours for these indigenous flowers.  This was the theme for this batch of proteas.  Cheerful and yet comforting.  Made from new and some recycled papers in the new Freshly Found Protea design.  This was a commission from a good friend.  She is using them as a decor item in her living room.  

I used a mixtue of brown craft paper, and white and coloured project board to make the petal rtounds.  The fringed centre was created from brown paper.  


indigenous flowers - proteas
We are able to make up proteas in a variety of colours, papers and finishes.  Chat to us about the ideas you have. And remember: Paper flowers tend to last a lot lot longer than you think!. See many of the different protea designs we have created  
indigenous flowers - proteas

Apple coloured proteas do occur in nature for real.  But not the warm red and yellows of these apples.  At leat 2 indigenous flowers are noted.  The Australian  Protea Coronata is as green as a Granny Smith Apple.  It’s quite remarkable.   The rare and vulnerable South African Protea Angustata has apple green colouring.

We have a passion for recreating indigenous flowers from various papers.  Proteas are our favouirte.  But we’ve made strelitzias and agapanthus too!