I love it when a home reflects what’s going on – Birthdays, Christmas, World Soccer Cups, etc.  And so its good to reflect that Autumn has been happening here in the Southern Hemisphere!
These Autumny wax-paper leaf panels have brought a touch of the outside in and softened a stark window.
Here’s how to make them:
1.  Take a leisurely stroll in the garden or down the road and collect leaves.
2.  Lay a sheet of wax wrap – [the kind you can wrap your sarmies in!] on a folded towel out on a flat work surface. Position leaves on top of the wax paper.
Autumn Leaf Art3.  Cover the leaves with a second sheet of wax paper.
4.  Cover that with a thin towel. Press with a hot iron.
5.  Check that the wax is melting and bonding the paper and leaves together. If you have missed any areas, go back and press some more.
6.  Trim the sheet into a neat rectangle.  Cut and fold some narrow strips of paper the same width as the wax paper and glue on to the top and bottom of the panel.  This will help with hanging the panel and add stability. [I cut 4 strips of paper as I was making 2 panels.]
7. Work out how you will hang the panel, then punch a hole or two in the top and thread some cotton thread through.
8.  Hang the panel on the thread.  It is best to place it where it will allow light to shine through and illuminate the beautiful leaves and the now textured wax paper. Time needed:30 minutes for collecting walk in the garden
                         1 hour labour
You will need: Autumn leaves, wax paper [or waxwrap], glue and cotton thread.

Have on hand: Some towels, an iron and a punch.

Autumn Leaf Art