In response to loads of interest, we will be posting some tutorials on the art of book folding or Bibliogami.  It has become a very popular craft and Freshly Found has been folding books for years.  We are in the middle of an enormous order right now, so thought it would be a good idea to document some of the techniques we use.
Book Fold Tutorial
One of the simplest folds is the barrel roll  Start with a paperback that has a flexible glued spine. Choose a book of 200 – 250 pages.[100-125 actual sheets of paper].  Remove the outside cover.
Lay the book down flat and count 5 pages.  Roll the pages towards the spine.

Tuck them in as close to the spine as possible, then repeat with the next 5 pages and so on.  Always work in the same direction.
Here you can see the lovely gentle symmetrical pattern that forms.  Continue until all the pages have been rolled.  At first, you will have to hold the rolls in place, but as the round is completed, the tension of the folds will keep everything in place.  No glue is needed.
These look good just as they are.  Simple book fold forms have a lively, yet calming effect.  Over the next few days, we will give you some ideas for using these beauties.

If you create any these, we’d love to see how they turn out♥

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Book Fold Tutorial

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Book Fold Tutorial