Bright, fun and very simple!  Create a sunflower stencil print t-shirt in less than an hour! 

Sunflower Stencil Print

Sunflower Stencil Print T-shirt

You will need

  • A white or light coloured t-shirt
  • Fabric paint. This is available at most stationery and fabric stores.  Very reasonably priced.
  • A firm plastic sheet. I used an old x-ray.  You can also use the plastic insert that some re-usable shopping bags come with. Or a plastic cover sheet page (available from stationery stores) or a plastic file.  There are many options.
  • I cut up a dishwasher sponge into a suitable size.
  • Masking tape for securing the stencil to the fabric while you print
  • Sticky tape for ‘mending’ the scissor cut from the edge of the plastic sheet to the  stencil shape. 
  • Stapler – to secure the pattern sheet onto the plastic while you are cutting the stencil out.
  • I used an old wooden bread board, covered in a sheet of thin garbage bag plastic.  You could use anything that would provide a firm, waterproof bas to your printing.
  • Scissors or blade for cutting the stencil out. If you use scissors, you will cut from the edge of the plastic sheet in to the stencil.  Then you will need to tape that initial cut before using the stencil.  If you use a craft blade, you will just cut the stencil out, without needing that extra cut.
  • Small stickers – These are temporarily used for positioning the centre stencil onto the petal round. I used ring re-enforcements

Here’s how to do it:


  1. Print and cut out the pattern sheet for the stencil
  2. Secure the pattern onto the sheet of firm plastic with a stapler.
  3. Carefully cut out the stencil shapes – sunflower petals and sunflower centre.
  4. Seal the cut from the edge of the plastic to the stencil cutout.
  5. Prepare the yellow fabric paint for the petals. You can spoon some onto a flat surface.  I used a polystyrene tray. 
  6. Cover a firm board in plastic, and place inside the t-shirt underneath the area to be printed. Because the printing needs to happen on a smooth surface, the t-shirt fabric needs to lay flat without any creases.
  7. Position the petal stencil in the centre of the t-shirt. Use masking tape to secure in position
  8. Dab the sponge into the fabric paint. Make a test print on a scrap of fabric first, to make sure you have the correct amount of paint on your sponge.  Too much could mean that it will run underneath the stencil.
  9. Keep on dabbing until the whole area is filled with paint.
  10. Allow to dry. You may like to use a hairdryer to speed up the process. 
  11. Wipe any residue paint off the stencil.
  12.  Keep Going! 

  13. Use a spare piece of plastic to protect the fresh print (In case it is not completely dry)
  14. Use a ruler to help position the 2nd flower to the right of the first flower.
  15. Paint the petals as before
  16. Paint a 3rd flower on the left hand side in the same way.
  17. Allow the flowers to dry. Mark the centre of each flower with a small sticker. Use the sticker to help position the stencil for the circular flower centre. Remove the sticker once the stencil is in position.Use the stencil to paint the centre of each of the 3 flowers. You may like to use a variety of different colours for each centre.
  18. Remove the stencil.
  19. Finishing Off the Print

  20. Finally, set the fabric paint. You can do this by leaving it to stand for 72 hours.  Or you can heat set it by tumble drying it for 30 minutes or pressing it with a hot iron and press-cloth. 

  21. Now make some more!


Sunflower Stencil Print

Stencil Pattern

Download the Sunflower Stencil Print Pattern 

Sunflower T-Shirt 




The pretty smaller pattern variation

is included

on the downloadable pattern sheet.

Sunflower Stencil Print