Finally!  The tutorials are up for these button bracelets.  They are a fun, quick project and a good way to use up a leftover buttons and crochet cottons.  I’ve  shown a few variations of colour and techniques.  Mostly, I’ve used crochet cotton like J&P Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen or Elle Crochet from my own collection. I buy my cottons from Wool and Weave in Hillcrest – An inspiring place to visit if you are a local Durbanite.  Bracelet from green thread and brown buttons with French Knots

First the buttons are linked together with thread stitches – to form a basic bracelet.  Then the decorative stitching is added.

Here the basic bracelet is made with teal cotton thread and highlighted with red French knots and cream cotton leaves. The buttons had printing on the front, so I turned them upside down to show the plain brown side only.

Button Thread Bracelets - Tutorial


This one was made with the same brown buttons, but this time I let the print show – giving it a typographical feel.  The basic bracelet was made with slightly thicker Vinnis Nikkim  (South African hand dyed cotton thread) in apple green and highlighted with cream crochet cotton French knots.

Button Thread Bracelets - Tutorial

For this one I used black buttons and various crochet cottons from my collection.


Button Bracelet with lilac French knots

If you’d like to make these yourself, this is where you can find the Button and Thread Bracelet Tutorial:

Button Thread Bracelet Tutorial

Button Thread Bracelet Tutorial –  Decorative Stitching.

Please let me know how it goes!


This Button Thread Bracelet Tutorial pattern is available for free on the Freshly Found Blog.  If you like to have it all together in one document, it is available as a downloadable PDF in the freshly found shop

As seen on Pinterest

As seen on Pinterest

As seen on Pinterest