Rose gold is the term I used to describe the colour of this collection of vintage glassware.  We collected bits and pieces over the past few months for a special family wedding.   Now that the memories of a wonderful day are safely packed away, I am enjoying the collection on display for a while in my home.
Many similar items for sale online are referred to as Depression Glass.  Why – Because that’s when it was first made in great quantities – From the late 1920s to the early 1940s machine moulded glass in many shapes, sizes and patterns was produced –  not only in pink like my collection, but in a variety of other colours too – amber, green, clear, pale blue, red and yellow. But most, if not all, of my collection is not Depression glass.  Many of the pieces are ARCOROC and were produced in the early 1980s as a response to Vintage Depression glass becoming collectable.  Most of the pieces I have are from a swirling lined range with the pretty name of Rosaline.
The joy of this is not the actual value of the pieces.  The effect of grouping random bits together, (which on their own may have been unimpressive), with their light warm colour in common have a huge appeal Source – Thanks to Mark and Mikey for their informative articles – Mark Rossman – PINK DEPRESSION GLASS – No, it’s ROSALINE from ARCOROC Mikey Fuller – Depression Glass