If you are looking for a simple yet striking print project, this could be the one for you.  Because of the rounded lines, and the sharp points, The Diamond Stencil Print is a vibrant, yet gentle pattern. 

To begin with, click on the link below and print out the pattern sheet.  There are 2 options – a smaller size, as pictured on this t-shirt, and a larger version too.

Firstly, place the pattern sheet underneath a piece of clear plastic, and use a craft knife to cut out the shape. You will need a cotton-rich t-shirt and fabric paint.

Start with your first colour choice, and position the stencil in the centre of the t-shirt.  Then spread out to the edges of the garment.

Change colours as you go.  Build up slowly but surely, until the whole of the front of the t-shirt is covered.

Diamond Stencil Print

Allow the print to dry for 48 hours in ordert to set.  Alternatively,  press the print with press-cloth and an iron as warm as the fabric can handle.


Beyond Diamond Stencil Print T-shirt

This pattern would work well on cushion covers, or cotton carry bags.

Grateful thanks to Atelier Karaka for the wonderful printing inspiration from an online Creative Mornings workshop she did a while ago.

If you would like to follow along on some of my prinitng journey, please click on the Hand Printng Link on the Home Page


Diamond Stencil Print

Diamond Stencil Pattern