This is a fun and super quick way to give a dinner party a vibrant hand-crafted touch.  Quickly dip-dye paper serviettes (or napkins) in diluted food colouring, allow to dry and use! (Pictoral and video Instructions for making the dip dyed serviettes below)

Dip dyed Serviettes – You will need

  • White paper serviettes or napkins
  • Food colouring – diluted with water.  You can decide how much water you would like to add to create the shade you would like.



Hint – If you are in a hurry, use a hairdryer to gently blow dry the paper serviettes

or place on racks in an oven, with only the fan running.

This process is inspired by shibori techniques – a Japanese resist dyeing method that produces some magnifient results.  Its a simple way to satisfy the creative urge I have to dye fabrics, and to inspire my guests with a handcrafted touch

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