These drawer dividers are a great project to neaten up space in your cupboard or dresser drawers.  They are made from recyled printer paper.  (If you like the pattern that print creates, you can use the printed side on the outside).  The white side gives a lovely clean look.  They can be created without cutting or gluing – just folding!

I like to make a few extra and keep them flat packed on the side of the drawer.  That way if one of the compartments gets grubby, it can easily be replaced.

Take a look at the video to see a complete box being made up from a single piece of previously used A4 printer paper.  No scissors or glue are needed for this project.  With a little bit of practice, you will be able to generate enough to bring prder to many parts of your home or office.  Use them to tidy up make-up, stationery, candles, and various other bits and pieces. 

I have used these drawer divider boxes to help sort out craft projects bits too.  They were a vital part of constructing the  feather jacket project, sorting the feathers into colour and types as I worked. 

Draw Dividers – How to DIY

Hint – remeber that this item is made from a single sheet of printer paper, folded in half to make a firmer double thickness.  The whole way through the project, treat the double thickness as though it were a single sheet of paper.  

You will need...

A 4 printer paper . a ruler. a pen or pencil an knife or boning tool.  

Fold the A4 sheet in half

The print side inside, and the white side outside.  

Mark into 3rds.

Measure the short sides, divide by 3 and mark on the top and bottom edge.  

Score the 2 fold lines

between the marks using your knife or boning tool.

Use a ruler to guide each line

Fold one side along the score mark

And then the other side

Fold each side back in half again

Open 1 side out again

Fold the 2 top corners over toward the centre

Then fold the bottom 2 corners over.  Close the folded side back down again

Repeat with the other side.

Your divider box is almost ready.

Pull the box open

Pinch the sides and the base of the box to form neat folds.

All finished

Now fill with goodies and place in a drawer.

The finished size is 25mm high x 50mm wide x 160mm long.  You can make a larger version by using 2 sheets of A4 paper, printed side together, and not folding the sheet in half in the first step.  Rememer to treat the 2 pieces of paper as if they were one.  The double thicknes gives extra strength.

Enjoy making and sorting!



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