Agapanthus are definitely one of my favourite flowers.  

Their beautiful blue is captivating, and they are structurally so pleasing!


Dried Agapanthus Flowers


Dried Agapanthus Flowers

Last year we had our best crop ever.  I picked numerous blooms for our home.  I was fascinated by how  they dried, so I intentionally kept them after they were past their prime, and hung them up to dry.  Once they were dried, I bunched them together, and tied a bow around the stems.   I fiddled with the stems and the flowerheads until I was able to stand the dried agapanthus flower posy on its own.  No vase needed!   They are farily robust and the spiky flower heads grip onto each other, which helps in making the arrangement.  Delightful decor for a home – Good for the environment, and for those of us who live in South Africa, the Agapanthus are indigenous to our country too!


Dreid Agapanthus

Agapanthus – It’s all in the Name 💙

The name agapanthus has such a beautiful meaning!  It is derived from the Greek word agape which means God’s love and the word anthos which means flower. I am so delighted to have them growing in our garden at home.  They have an uplifting presence, and the beautiful meaning of the name makes them extra special!

Dried Agapanthus

Above 👆🏻 is a closeup of the blooms, bunched together, and then of the stems tied together too! Click on the image to to see close up.  

Agapanthus – Grow your own

Agapanthus plants are endemic to South Africa, but are available to buy all over the world.  They are relatively easy to take care of.  If you would like to grow your own – Eckards gives some good hints on how to do this well! Nice to know they are water-wise, and not too fussy!

Dried Agapanthus – Or Fresh!  Both beautiful in their own right.

(How about recreated with paper?)

Our passion for Agapanthus is not new!  We replicated these beauties  in paper years ago for our debut at The Design Indaba Expo.

We also made a South African Flag Print featuring these blue beauties in the design