These are the new kids on the block – Geometric Screen-print covered Ottomans.  I created them with bright Aquatex fabric paints, printed onto linen.  (Actusally – some vintage linen curtain fabric I had on hand)   Along with the dark and light gray polka dots, I love the bright clear colours.  

The finished project is a bright focal point in my neutral-rich lounge.  

Geometric Screen-print

Firstly, I calculated how much fabric I would need to cover the Ottomans.  Then I cut the exact amount out in one large piece.    I printed the whole piece of fabric.  Finally I cut out the panels from the geometric screen-print and stitched them together to form the covers for the Ottomans

How I created the Geometric Screen-print

I cut out paper stencils in the shape and size of each of the elements. I used Aquatex fabric paints.   

Firstly, I printed the large dark grey polka dots.  I used a screen to print them, but a stencil on it’s own would work well too.  I placed them randomly, but fairly evenly spaced over the whole fabric piece.

Then I added each of the other geometric elements in bright blue, green, red and orange.  I finished off with smaller light grey polka dots. 

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Geometric Screen-print

Did You Know?

How did Ottomans get their name?

During the tme of the great Ottoman Empire in Turkey, this low form of seating was very popular.  It was brought back to Europe  in the late 1700’s.  These items of furniture were named after the Empire.

Originally these items of furniture were focal points of family homes.   They had a wide range os styles, sizes and shapes and were probably an upgrade from floor seating.

Today Ottomans are essential pieces of furniture in our modern homes.  They are used as extra seating, footstools and often double up as coffee tables.

geometric screen-print

Downloadable Pattern Sheets