We decided we needed a larger, stronger mop at home. We were not able to find one that was substantial enough to clean our home filled with tiles. A strong wooden handle was also a better option than the thin plastic and metal option that store-bought mops come with.    This is how I did it.  The result — a voluminous and fairly good-looking string mop!
You will need: A wooden broom stick, with a notch cut into it at the base A ball of thick string Some thinner string A size 4 crochet hook A piece of wire A large hardcover book between 30 to 40cm high, depending on how long you would like your mop strings to be.

How to create a String Mop

Wind the string around the book 88 times. Crochet Instructions: Use thinner parcel string and crochet hook
1st row – Work 1 dc by Inserting the crochet hook into the string at the top of loop, then 1 ch. turn 2nd row – Work 1 dc into every chain space. (88st) Double up the crochet, by folding it in half. 3rd row – Work 1 dc through both dc stitches from the previous row. (44 st) 4th row – Work in dc. Once again double up the crochet, by folding it in half. 5th row – Work 1 dc through both dc stitches from previous row (22 st) 6th row – Work in double crochet 7th row – Decrease row. Work 1 dc into every 2nd dc (11st) 8-10th rows. Work in dc.
Pull thread through and stitch the sides of the crochet together. Slip the crochet work over the end of the stick with notch in. Thread some wire through the holes made in the decrease row. Tighten the wire with pliers, making sure that the wire grips onto the notch.
Twist firmly. Then hammer the twisted ends flat onto the broom handle. Secure a piece of thick string next to the wire, then wind it round to completely cover the wire and hide it from view. Secure the end.
Your mop is ready to use! Video Instructions Below: