I am always on the lookout for interesting material that is no longer needed.  I’ve wanted to do something with fondue forks for a long time. Ever since I started noticing bulging mounds of them for sale at our local SPCA charity store.

I experimented with all sort of options – Binding  them into triangle shapes, making some tensegrity models, etc.  In the end I decided to hang them straight down.   I wanted to blur their fork-iness, so I bound each one in neutral cotton threads, and then mounted the sharp ends between wooden beads. I mounted them all onto 2 embroidery hoops.  I love the rhythm of the similar long wooden handled forks, but the difference of each handle – in design or in wear-and-tear.

Everything in this light fitting was found or sourced second hand.  I love how the wooden handles are reminiscent of lace bobbins.  I wanted the cotton thread to add to this feel.  I used German Silver gilding paste to decorate some of the wood.

This piece is on display from tonight at The 2017 Intellectual Property Exhibition.  It is being hosted at The Plant this year, in The Station Drive Precinct in Durban.  It is an exciting event showcasing many of Durban’s creatives.