I am passionate about Creativity, People and Excellent Coffee! I like to “Find” objects – junk, vintage or ordinary – and give them a whole new life! I do some Interior Redesign – it is so rewarding to work in people’s homes and help them discover the treasures they already have! I continually work on my own home and there is hardly a thing in it which I have not “Found”, sewn or painted!
I am intrigued by the Creative Process and from time to time I run courses on Creativity.
I am a coffee fanatic. I will travel across the city to get a good Americano! My faithful espresso machine accompanies me on all our trips away where I fear there might not be some good stuff!
My husband, Graham, is an Executive Coach and my best friend. I have 3 delightful, creative children – one in high school, one at University and one working and about to get married!! I am starting my blog, with my version of “The Spoon Theme”! A vintage silver dish on my coffee table, piled up with a good helping of beautiful old jam and teaspoons!