Most of the decor for this special event last year was created from recycled materials.  The Himmeli geomteric decor pieces were crafted from rolled recyled posters and office paper.  Furthermore, tin cans were covered in geometric print gift wrap and vertical garlands were stitched together from triangles of coloured paper off-cuts. 

These pics were quickly snapped at the set-up of the function.  The venue was the gorgeous Talloula up Bothas Hill in KZN.


The word Himmeli originates from Finnish word for heaven.  Traditionally these ornaments are hung above the table over the festive season.  They were made from straw and are also sometimes crafted from metal tubes.  


I loved the way that the himmeli geometric shapes we made gave the setup height, and carried the decor theme upwards to the beautiful white rafters.   




My heart sang with delight at the high ratio of recycled materials!  Papers and tin cans that would otherwise have been discarded, instead created a cheerful vibe.

Besides this Himmeli Geometric Decor batch, Freshly Found has created other Angular Decor before.

Do you remember

these geometric shapes


these map paper creations ?

Chat to us if you would like us to re-create decor items for your event.