A studio is an artist’s or worker’s workroom. 

 The word studio is derived from the Italian: studio
from Latin: studium, from studere, meaning to study or zeal. Wikipedia
I love my home studio space – but I adore it all that much more when it’s tidy.  Putting our house on the market has made me have a thorough clean-out and tidy up – and its looking so good. I am grateful for my floor to ceiling wire drawers, which keep much of my creative clutter neat.   I store current sewing projects in the large white basket covered with a tablecloth.
Storage - Vintage suitcases and sari fabric rolls
These vintage find suitcases have been a boon.  The rolls of luxurious sari fabric stored in shelving cubbyholes, make them easy to find and always give me great pleasure!

Even though work in there carries on, I am trying my best to tidy up and pack away often! Yay for my Home Studio!

Studio Storage Solutions

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