This leaf print stencil is so simple to do, and really effective.  I have printed the pattern on a variety of t-shirts.  I am sure it would look good on decor pieces too.  

Leaf Print Stencil
Leaf Print Stencil

This is How I Did the Leaf Print

Download and print out the pattern sheet.  I have given you a larger leaf option, (as I have used here) and a smaller more delicate version too.

Cut out the stencil.

I use some form of firm plastic sheeting.  It could be an old x-ray, or acetate sheeting from a stationery store.  I tape the design underneath the plastic, and then use a craft knife to cut the pattern out.

Prepare the Shirt

Stretch the shirt over a board of some sort, so that the surface is smooth and firm.  Sometimes I use a large wooden chopping board that I cover with plastic.   Otherwise I use an old Correx poster board.  Make sure that you at least have something between the back and front layer of the shirt, as the paint can seep right through the top layer.

Leaf Print Pattern

Would you love to try this too?  Download the free pattern sheet and give it a go.

Leaf Print Stencil

Apply the Paint

Use a fabric paint to print through the stencil.  I usually use Dala or Aquatex.   

My favourite applicator is a mini sponge roller.  First I place some paint on a flat surface (I usually use a polystyrene tray). Then I roll the roller into the paint, and make sure that it is evenly covered.  I position the stencil and hold it down securely.  Next I apply the paint with the roller.  Once it is evenly painted, I lift the stencil.  I keep a damp cloth on hand to wipe the back of the stencil before placing it in the next position.

For these leaf print T-shirts I started printing in the centre and then worked my way out.  I used both leaf stencils, adjusting the angles as I went along.

Finishing Off

Once the printing is complete, take the t-shirt off the board, and allow to dry completely.  Finally the paint needs to be set.  To do this, place a piece of brown paper over the print.  Then press the print well with an iron that is as hot as the fabric can handle.

That’s it!  

Leaf Print Stencil

Beyond the Leaf Print T

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