Paper is enormously versatile.

What a privilege to have this resource for great creative endeavours at our fingertips.


Paper + Craft: 25 Charming Gifts, Accents, and Accessories to Make from Paper

A great resource.  (Try the rather elegant tissue paper hat for an appropriate occassion)

Modern Paper Crafts

I enjoyed the challenge of making the Chevron Wall Decoration.  But I used it as a window treatment instead 🙂

Playing with Books: The Art of Upcycling, Deconstructing, and Reimagining the Book

One of the first book paper resources I came across early in journey into book art.

Playing with Paper: Illuminating, Engineering, and Reimagining Paper Art

Full of all sorts of paper art. Clear info about paper pleating and sculpture

Creative Paper Art: Techniques for Transforming the Surface

It’s amazing just how many ways paper can be decoratively treated. 

Creative Handmade Paper

All about making your own paper.  I took the advice in the section on making objects with paper and made some delicate book paper bowls.

Creative Paper Cutting: Basic Techniques and Fresh Designs for Stencils, Mobiles, Cards, and More (Make Good: Crafts + Life)
A great resource of paper cutting patterns and ideas

The Practical Illustrated Encyclopedia of Origami: The Complete Guide To The Art Of Papermaking

This encyclopaedia taught me the basics of origami folding – It took me through the first of the (probably) hundreds of lilies I have since created.

Ultimate Papercraft and Origami Book

An enormous book – filled with a variety of ideas