I am keen to push my paper crafting passion in some new directions. This paper roll pot was a fun project to start the year with. It looks good on our newly chalk-painted vintage desk, and it has some rather classy company!

The desk top spot also features a delightful Zulu Lulu smoke-fired pot which we sourced in the Midlands some years ago, and a beautiful circle pot by Vuyisa Potina which we bought in Franschoek last year. The grey and cream shades unite this trio of varied pots.

Paper Roll Pot

The Paper Roll Pot

My pot was created from a vintage book, filled with black and white photos of art work.  I was so happy with the way they rolled so beautifully.  The resulting short diagonal lines give the piece a vibrancy.  I leart quite a bit in constructing this paper roll pot, and look forward to tryig some more variations out soon.

The pages were rolled and glued to secure.  They were then trimmed, and assembled in a long line together.  The circle was joined and the tubes were moulded over a form to create the base.  

I have made paper pots before!   My favourite were the puzzle pots, and then last year, I made the leaf printed hexagonal pot too.  I still have a few of them, and I’ll be writing an article on them soon!