If you are looking for a quick Christmas Project, these Stencil Print Christmas Wreaths are a great idea.

Create these decorations from recycled book paper. Start out by stencilling the leaf pattern onto 2 paper circles for each ornament.  Bookprint is great, because of the storybook feel it gives, and the gentle rhythm of the print is soothing.     Because you use a double  layer, the wreath looks good from both sides.  Furthermore, the double layer gives extra strength.


Print Christmas Wreaths

I printed the red bows in one large batch.  As a result, the impact of seeing them all together brought me huge joy! 


This is How I did the Printing

Beyond Stencil Print

Christmas Wreaths

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Note – Every year Freshly Found supplies Overdale Chritmas Tree Farm with handcrafted decorations similar to these

Making Hints –

Stencil Print Christmas Wreaths

  • Print out The Pattern Sheet.
  • Cut the Stencils out.  Use clear firm plastic (available form stationery stores) or an old xray.
  • Place the pattern underneath the plastic sheet.  Secure in position with masking tape.  Use a blade knife to cut out.
  • Cut out the bookprint paper circles for the wreath.  You will need 2 per ornament.  Stencil with black paint and a sponge roller.  
  • I used a piece of glass with a paper guide underneath to help position the print correctly. 
  • Allow to dry.  Glue 2 layers together, with the print on the outside.  The double layer adds strength to the construction.
  • Print the bows onto sheets of bookprint paper.  Use the edge of the print as a cutting guide, once the paint has dried.
  • Glue the bows onto the wreath.  Punch a small hole and thread a length of cotton through the paper wreath for hanging.
Print Christmas Wreath