Back to Book Art!  We have made paper proteas in one form or another for years.  Initially we used a form of deconstructed book art.  Consequently we have taken great delight as we make a new batch again  Our design has been refined and this batch bridges the years, from the old to the new.  We use all sorts of new and recycled papers. These ones in particular have both book paper petals, in a variety of cream and white shades, and fringed book paper centres.  

This batch will be carefully packed, then shipped to a special YPO event in Cape Town.

Each bloom is made from recycled papers – Re-purposed encyclopaedias and novels otherwise destined to be pulped.  The twisted paper and wire stems are created from vintage dress pattern tissue paper. This results in a pleasing light brown stand for the book print blooms.


Besides this Book Art batch, we have made many many variations of proteas over the years.  Speak to us if you would like some for your

shop window,


home decor or


We are able to securely pack and ship these paper blooms all over the country and the world.

(Note – the above proteas are pictured in the legs of my recently restored wooden stool.  Painted with Annie Sloane Chalk Paint Graphite and sealed with Annie Sloane Chalk Paint Lacquer)