.We were delighted to create these delicate wedding party accessories  for a recent order – Pink Painted Paper Protea  Buttonholes or Boutonnieres.  They were the finishing touch of a much larger order for a client who wanted painted pink paper proteas for her special day.  

We worked on this large project over a number of weeks.  Slowly but surely the studio space filled up with these blushing indigenous blooms.  Finally we created the protea buttonholes.   Each one was finished off with a freshly found ribbon carrying a pearl tip pin.

We kept the client up to date with progress.  It is comforting for both of us to know that expectations are being met and progress is on track.

Below are some of the progress pictures we took. I am always fascinated by the rhythm of the repetition of the floral elements.  For instance, the pile of painted petals created a fan. Similar shapes and colours together are so soothing.  Each piece represents time spent making with our hands.

Pink Painted Buttonholes and Beyond

The King Protea is our much loved South African National Flower.  It is a privilege to represent it artisitically with paper and paint.

Speak to us if you would like us to create paper flowers or products for your event.  

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