I grew up in a home with my mom being passionate about puzzles. I have memories of her dining room table being filled bit-by-bit with the evolving image of a landscape, country-side scene or a map. They’ve kept her company, even now in the late years of her life.

I’ve grown to love puzzles too.  But for a different reason.  I have enjoyed the challenge of making these irregular shaped bits of cardboard fit together in layers to form a vessel of some sort.



My local charity stores are a great source of the material.  I am especially happy when I see a label that says 2 pieces missing! Assembling the pots or pendants is time consuming, but rewarding.  Although it is basically a paper construction, they are surprisingly sturdy – probably strengthened by the wood glue I use to assemble them.

Viewed from the side or on top – the variety of shades of the muted cardboard backing is gentle and pleasing.  The surprise comes, when viewing the article from underneath – the vibrant mixture of coloured puzzle pieces comes in to view.

My latest piece – a trio of puzzle piece light pendants.  They are part of my submission to the annual  2017 Intellectual Property Exhibition in Durban.  The event is organised byRobin Opperman of Umcebo Trust and this year it will take place at The Plant in the Station Road Precinct of Durban from the 5th to the 7th October.  It is a great showcase of local creativity, art and craft in the Durban and surrounding area.