This textured grey puzzle pot with turquoise rings formed part of the Intellectual Property Exhibition at Alliance Francais .  The function was held in Durban earlier this year.  It was the first larger item  that I made from Puzzle pieces.  Last year I created some smaller works for The Design Indaba Collab Exhibition in Durban in 2015.

As with the lampshades I made recently, I allowed the muted underside of the puzzle pieces to be the main colour,.  I interspersed the grey backdrop pieces with a few rounds of turquoise for subtle colour.   The surprise comes from underneath.  The colourful surface of each puzzle piece faces down and changes the look of the pot.  Observe this in the mirror base beneath the puzzle pot below.

I am looking to working more with this medium!  Here was a Christmas Wreath I made a couple of years ago from larger painted puzzle pieces.

The construction is very time consuming, so I keep it all happening on a tray, that I bring out and work on whenever I can.

Puzzle Pot Joy

It is immensely satisfying to take the irregular pieces, and slowly mould them into the shape of  a jar.  I used various pieces of vintage glassware as forms.  Finally I  joined the sections together to create one of my personal favourites.