The Jersey [Jumper or Sweater] blanket is finished at last!The blanket is made from many vintage jerseys which I collected over a few months. I went for neutral colours as I wanted a light coloured blanket.If you would like to make one yourself, here are some pointers:
Flatten the jersey by cutting it open along the sleeve seams and along one side seam. Cut as many large squares from the jersey as you can. I included button-up detail and some seam lines in some of the squares. Recycled Jersey Blanket When you can’t fit any more large squares out, cut smaller squares a quarter of the size of your larger square, but with seam allowances added. This means that you can sew 4 smaller squares together to form one large square.
Recycled Jersey Blanket –
I joined all the squares with my overlocker. This finished off all the raw edges of the cut knit and made the seams quite textured and not as smooth as if it was hand sewn.I made 8 strips the width of the blanket and then joined the 8 strips together.
I rolled and blanket stitched the entire hem of the blanket. Some of the knits were very thick and didn’t roll too well, so I went round again and slipped stitched these to keep them securely in place.
The weights , pattern and yarn of the squares differ quite a bit. I just love the rich texture and quirky character of the final product. It is so warm and comforting! I did catch myself having a nap under it once, as I was blanket stitching the edge. It’s a great way to use up jerseys that are worn in patches or slightly moth eaten! I’ve started collecting for a really colourful sequel!
Recycled Jersey Blanket Update – Many years later – this is still one of my favourite blankets – and in constant use!