I have a lovely working association with Embocraft – a Training Trust close to my home in Botha’s Hill.
 Thuli is a delightful part of the team and maker of a number of Freshly Found products.

Usually she follows my instructions well, but just recently I took her some shirt cuffs and a box of lace and buttons and asked her to see what she could come up with.  

 Recycled Linen Serviettes

I am delighted with the batch of quirky cuff bracelets that she produced.  

If you’d like to make some yourself, this is how it’s done:

1.  Carefully cut the cuff off an old shirt. You may unpick the cuff, and remove the sleeve material and restitch, or trim the raw edges of the sleeve very close to the cuff.

2.  Decorate by stitching on old pieces of lace or ribbon.  You may use the trimmings to cover any raw edges that are showing.

3.  Unbutton and wear on your wrist as a funky bracelet.