We have been commissioned to create a number of paper rose bouquets for an upcoming wedding.

It has been such a delightful process for a  few reasons –

  • Roses are beautiful blooms to create
  • Adding some red paper to the book print paper has created a fresh vibrant feel
  • We have had plenty of time to enjoy completing the order – No last-minute rushing here ☺

Rose Bouquets – In the Making

How lovely do the deconstructed roses below look.  As we are making the roses up, I love seeing all the petal components stacked together in rhythmic order.

Chat to us about creating paper decor for your space or your function. We’ve created rose arrangements to grace interior spaces,  and to decorate special events.

Have a look at our flower glallery here

And some more over here

10 + 15 =

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Rose Bouquets
Rose Bouquets