These Safety Pin Earrings have been one of the most popular Freshly Found Projects of all Time.  Welcome!  

Safety pins possess good qualities as material for jewellery, being shiny, delicate and easy to come by.  In my endeavours to live a more artisanal lifestyle, I gathered some beads and bits and pieces to make myself a few pairs of earrings.  (I have just about no jewellery making experience) The glint of the pins in my craft supplies caught my eye and I decided to see what I could do.  Twisting, curling and bending these wiry gadgets became quite addictive and I made a number of pairs.  I threaded beads onto some and used the fox-nose and flat-nose pliers to manipulate the wire.  I was delighted with the result and the cost was next to nothing!

Safety Pin Jewellery – Earrings – How to

Here is a step-bystep picto-gram outlining how I worked with the safety pins.  I used the round-nose pliers to coil circles and the flat-nose pliers to bend corners

Safety Pin Earrings
And here are some of the variations I made:
Safety Pin Earrings
Safety Pin Earrings
Safety Pin Earrings


Safety Pin

Jewellery – Earrings


Did You Know?

I am fairly good at spelling, but I am not always sure just how to spell…

jewelery …..

I am, hoping this is will help me to remember –

According to Oxforddictionaries.comThe different spellings of jewellery in British and American English can cause confusion. The British spelling jewellery adds -lery to jewel, while the American spelling jewelry adds -ry.”

In South Africa, the British way of spelling jewellery seems to be the favourite!


Safety Pin Earrings

Beyond Safety Pin Earrings

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Safety Pin Jewellery - Earrings

Once you have made your own Safety Pin Jewellery Earrings,

spare a thought for the Punk Rockers in the late seventies

who pioneered the use of safety pins to accessorise themselves and their wardrobes

in all sorts of ways. 😉

 Safety Pin Jewellery - Earrings