I have so enjoyed adding screen printing to my overall priting journey.

Up until recently, my printing journey has been self taught, with online inspiration from marvelous Molly Mahon and  Marta of Atelier Karaka

I was so delighted to find that Yda Walt was running an online screenprinting courses  I signed up for a beginner course.  within a few days, I received a box full of eveything I needed.   What a delight to have a teacher ‘in my kitchen’ as I learnt about screens, squeegees, and more.

Screen Printing
screen printing

 My screen printing skills are being honed by creating t-shirts for family and friends. I have used paper stencils with a screen  for the projects I have worked on.

Screen Printing

The personal interests of the recipients  inspired the designs.   Firstly I was really happy with the way the T-shirt for the trail runner worked out.  Designing the star foot prints was fun.  It was a fairly intricate process.   I cut the pattern out of paper and pieced the bits together before laying the screen down, and pulling the print.  

The simple design for the photographer was fairly easy to cut out of paper.  The overall look made me happy

Finally I made up a print with my brother’s surname for his upcoming 60th birthday.

Screen Printing
Screen Printing

I am looking forward to the advanced screen printing course coming up soon.  

Pop over to Yda Walt Studio if you are interested in any of her block and screen printing courses.

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