My life philosophy is to use ordinary vintage and found objects as material for something a little extraordinary.
And so I used the seeds from the Liquid Amber Tree in my garden to make an outdoor curtain for my patio.
I love the softness of the round shapes and the gentle rhythm of the strings. This is how I did it:
I used a book and wound some crochet cotton around it to create identical lengths of about 45cm.

 I trimmed the stems off brown and green seeds [the green ones will soon turn brown].  Then I tied a string around a seed and knotted the 2 free pieces of string together at the end.
When I tied the string around the next seed, I included the loop from the previous one, creating a chain of 10 seeds.
I knocked tiny nails into the cornice of the veranda roof to hang the seed strings.
And finally – To paraphrase a Swedish Proverb:
All the trees of tomorrow are in the seeds of today
All the achievements of tomorrow are in the ideas of today
Maybe the seeds of those ideas are lying in your front garden