Star Stencil Print T-Shirts

A simple classic pattern used to decorate some kiddies T-shirts.  

Blue on Grey for my grandson and pink and white on black for my granddaughter 

star stencil print

A simple project.  I was even able to enlist the help of my 4-year old grandson, with a successful result.

To begin, I pulled the t-shirt firmly over a wooden chopping board.  This flattened the knot fabric nicely, provided a good smooth base to print on.  I positioned and then secured the stencil to the  T-shirt with packing tape.  This resulted in leaving  no open space, other than the stencil gaps.  Rather safe than sorry!  The fabric paint was applied with a small sponge roller by my eager grandson. We were all delighted with the result.  Later I applied blue paint stars to one of his pillowcases.

I used the same star stencil print on my grandaughter’s T-shirt, and included some smaller white stars too.

Alll in all a very quick and satisfying  project.

Star Stencil Print Pattern

star stencil print

Star Stencil Print and Beyond

This was a fun project in my journey of exploring printing.  I sourced the t-shirts very reasonably from Pick n Pay Clothing

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