Finally, I get to show you the lampshades I wove for our large church entrance hall foyer!  We have been updating the look of the reception area – It was my job to weave 8 lampshade covers from posters we have used at our church over the past years!
You may recognise the red strips as coming from Alpha Course posters and if you look carefully, you can make out the outline of Aaron Mcilroy! He recently spent a touching and hilarious Sunday evening with us at our church!I started with a rectangle of poster 2m wide and 1m long. I left a border on the top and the bottom of the poster and then measured, marked and cut strips lengthwise.The crosswise strips were cut from other posters. I divided them out evenly between the lampshades, to try and get a fairly even colour mix. These were woven through and then secured on the back with strips of packaging tape. This lot was sent to the lampshade manufacturers who did the manufacturing and the installation! The rest of the entrance area has been jazzed up with brightly recovered ottomans
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