You are what you make …
I am passionate about crochet and these close-up pics of a recently finished project evoke an emotional response in me.
It’s because I have felt the fuzzy wool, and the cool steel hook.
I relished the gentle challenge of creating a pattern and the comforting rhythm of the repetitive stitches, as the work both occupied and distracted my brain.
I revel in the satisfaction of a job completed.
I feel the pleasure and surprise at the outcome of the partly planned and partly spontaneous project.
I enjoy the humour and the drama of a story of abandoned unused tapestry wools, who started out life qualified to be stitched onto canvas, then successfully navigated a career path change and found new purpose being linked together to form a unique fabric instead.
The random colours cheer me and the texture compels me to touch.
I am nostalgic and connected, with traditional crocheters from the past, with trendy crocheters of the present and with hopeful crocheters of the future.
I perceive affirmation because I made it and it looks good.
I  feel inspirational, because I am sure someone will see this and want to make one too!
 As I was preparing this post yesterday, I was delighted to come across Cath Jenkin’s less-than-140-characters similar point of view:   
I want to run away, and go make jam and crochet for the rest of my life. Who wants to come with? @cathjenkin

Yes! Making and feeling is constructive therapy – and I’m in!  

[More about what the actual project is in an upcoming post!}